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Dear mister I-tore-apart-Jessa
Friday. 9.24.10 4:00 pm
I'm finally putting this out in the open, and though I don't care who reads it, or what comments most of you may say about it, this is something I have to do. It's unadressed, and unless you're certain this is for you, then this is not for you. The person for this is for, will know it by reading title alone...

If luck was real, if one in a million of my wishes came true, at the very least I hope'd you'd know how I feel about you, but I can't bring the feelings to words, I can't muster the will to say the emotions and instead of trusting in what I know, I put my trust in something that's shattered, broken and passed from person to person as if it didn't matter to them - each time it passed I hoped it would be mended, each time I hoped one would put it all back together and then you came along and you did the one miracle I prayed for. You put not just the pieces together, you polished it over and made it like new. You fully restored what others stomped, crushed, tore, ripped, slashed and destoryed. And when I finally thought I had someone who would take care of the only gift I know how to give, you froze it over, took a hammer and smashed to bits that now I can't even gather any more. If luck was real, if one in a million of my wishes came true, at the very least I hope you know how I feel about you. Though you destroyed me, though you showed me there was nothing worth while and though there is no more me and you, I'll tell you the truth. I still love you, I forgive you, but this will never be yours again.

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You want me to do WHAT with that squishy cup?
Friday. 9.24.10 3:29 pm
Warning: This post will more then likely freak guys out. It did on the other blog, so it probably will here.

Alright, so I was browsing my other blog site, and a friend of mine posted a blog about an alternative to tampons and pads. For those who don't want to deal with the mess of having to change your tampon or pad every couple of house. Its a little cup shaped thing, that you insert into the vagina and it catches the blood, eliminating the mess, and the oder.

reminds me of a plunger... 'its time to clean your pipes ladies!'

These little cups are suppose to be durable and comfotable. Apparently you dont even know its there. You can be as active as you want with them in, and most athletes use them during that time of the month. Its even suppose to be able to stay in during sex, keeping things clean. You're boyfriend wont even be able to tell its there!

well, when I read about that, I had a mental image going through my head... what if your having sex with your boyfriend, and his penis accidently flips the cup around after wearing it for a full day and you get this big pool of blood flowing out of your vagina, making it look like his penis just massacred your insides. Do you die of embaressment... Or start screaming and pretending he tore you apart and bitch at him for his penis being 'so big'

Personally... I vote for the second one.. It gets you out of the awkward moment of giving an explination, and it strokes his ego all at once.

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Making introductions
Friday. 9.24.10 2:47 pm
Well i guess for starters I should introduce myself. My name Is Jessa. I am 20 years old, and I have a 7 month old son named Julian. I joined because... well... honestly.. not to sure. I was on the phone with a friend lat night and he mentioned the site, so here I am.

After having my son Julian, my whole world was flipped upside down. Two years ago I had it all figured out. I was in med school, and I was living the good life. Then that little bomb was thrown into the mix. But now Julian is my life and I can't imagin NOT having him. It was a big change, but it was a change for the better.

I guess this is where I cut it short and let you get to know me better on your own.

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New Beginning
Friday. 9.24.10 5:19 am
Here's to new beginnings =)

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